Infrastructure & Hosting

Companies can realize substantial savings by outsourcing the hosting of their Peoplesoft environments.  As technology improves at a dramatic pace, Cloud Computing and the Pay-As-You-Go pricing model now make both financial and practical sense - even for hosting large applications such as Peoplesoft.  Benefits of externally-hosted applications include:

  • Reduction in Capital Expenses - pay only when you consume computing resources, and only for how much you consume.
  • Economies of Scale - computing resources shared across hundreds of thousands of customers results in higher economies of scale and lower variable costs
  • Eliminate Capacity Concerns - instead of either over-purchasing capacity (which then sits idle), or under-estimating needs (resulting in bottlenecks), capacity can be rapidly scaled-up or down as needed.
  • Focus on What's Important - for most organizations, the ERP application(s) and associated infrastructure are necessary evils, not typically strategic advantages.  By moving that infrastructure and support offsite, the organization can focus its internal resources on what is most important - their Customers.

Ideal ERP has the expertise to smoothly transition your organization from an internally-hosted ERP environment to one that takes full advantage of Cloud Computing and Pay-As-You-Go pricing. Additionally, Ideal ERP can provide support services to relieve your organization from the challenging tasks of maintaining your ERP Application instances, including:

  • Environment and Database Administration
  • Peoplesoft Patch / Image Maintenance
  • Scheduled and/or On-Demand Environment Refreshes
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization

Combined with Ideal ERP's Functional and Technical Production Support Services, we can offer your organization a tremendous value, freeing your labor resources and budgets to focus on more mission-critical, revenue-producing tasks.


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