Training & Support Services



Ideal ERP delivers Training content that is relevant to your specific needs.

We offer a variety of courses such as:

New Release Features Review

In the new features review, you quickly learn the new features in the last several PeopleSoft releases.  You can leverage this to establish features that impact your organization with our subject matter experts and your peers. The output is a visualization of how the latest PeopleSoft release will transform your business.

The New Release Features Review addresses the most common upgrade challenge as voted on by your peers – limited understanding of the new functionality. After the session, you will have felt that a good portion of your fit-gap process is complete.

Exclusive UPK Training

As opposed to sending several people to UPK training at a very high per person rate, our team offers a tailored UPK training courses at your site for your entire team. Our UPK specialists come to your location and work with you to determine your needs and then build a “custom” course for your team. We promote a “train the trainer course session”  followed by remote support.  It is a cost effective and more efficient training option that most of our clients prefer.

Additionally we offer an interactive roundtable, where you and your peers will talk about the latest and greatest tools with our team and determine which items will offer the most bang for the buck with your internal development team.



We offer expert consultants to support various client efforts, including:


Functional PeopleSoft Consulting Expertise 

Onsite/Offsite Functional Support when you need it: 

  • Fit/Gap Analysis 
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Testing and Validation
  • Configuration and Setup 

Technical PeopleSoft Consulting Expertise 

  • Online/Batch Development 
  • Performance Tuning 
  • Report Development(SQR, etc)

PeopleSoft Administration & DBA Support

  • Database Support & Maintenance
  • Process Scheduler, Application Server and WebServer support
  • Pipeline provisioning etc.


Our level of expertise makes  us the solid choice to deliver exceptional  level of support. It is not enough for a remote support consultant to be a PeopleSoft specialist; one must also have intimate knowledge of how PeopleSoft is best used in a service organization to provide accurate and timely information. Our remote personnel are senior PeopleSoft technical and functional consultants with many years of industry experience.