Value Proposition

Our People

Ideal ERP takes pride in developing and retaining the brightest and best talent.  With a history dating back to the beginning days of PeopleSoft, our consultants are proven experts in the software we deliver.  Moreover, we understand that technology alone does not translate into value.  Our seasoned professionals carry years of business/industry experience and are committed to understanding your business needs and successfully matching those requirements to software solutions.

Our Business Model

Recognizing human capital as our primary asset, our business model was constructed to deliver value without the excessive administrative costs associated with the “mega” consulting conglomerates.  For years now, the trend of these Big Box firms are to lower their costs by deploying lessor-experienced people on your projects, coupled with outsourced overseas models.  The Ideal ERP model is actually the opposite.  Our team members typically have at least 15 years consulting history under their belt.  We leverage that experience, coupled with our methodologies, and deploy smaller, smarter, more nimble teams to our clients, achieving superb results and significant savings for our clients.

Thought Leadership and Accountability

It goes without saying, technology is a notable aspect of any major software initiative.  However, the ability to harness the technology and strategically apply it to your business needs is paramount.  No two companies are the same.  Unlike most staffing firms, we are dedicated to learning your business requirements before deploying software solutions.  Our goal is to deliver solutions that make business sense - for your business.

Unwavering Commitment

Ideal ERP is a purely a client-focused firm.  We are not consumed by gaining market share, or maximizing our stock price.  We are interested in a successful project for your organization. We follow the old-school adage:  Take care of your client and they will take care of you.  This is evidenced by the fact that we have rarely engaged in a single project for a client - many of our clients are repeat customers for whom we have delivered multiple successful initiatives. 

Our mantra for client success - “What ever it takes!”